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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Backup address book file from Nokia to Android

Android tips and tricks: For those of you who just switched from Nokia to Android, this time I will give you tips for moving your address book file from your old Nokia phone to your new android phone.

Here are tips on steps to backup address book file from Nokia to Android:

  1. Contact your backups using PC Suite
  2. Choose Backup to .csv file
  3. When finished, go into your google account > https://www.google.com/accounts
  4. Choose Import, Import the backup of your contacts that has been done in the previous step
  5. When finished, stay in sync with Contact on your android phone. Go to the Contact menu>Accounts>Sync.
With the tips above then you do not have to worry about losing address book file, because the address book file has been uploaded to your google account.

The above tips are not just for Nokia phones only, provided you change the address book file to a .csv file.

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